Duct Replacement & Repair

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Investing in a new, efficient air conditioning and heating system is a great step toward becoming an energy-conscious home owner, but sometimes your home needs more.

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That new AC unit may not be the answer to all your energy concerns – especially if the air ducts in your attic are a mess. According to Energy Star, about 20% of all conditioned air in a typical home is lost through leaks and holes in the air duct system.

Poorly designed ducts in your attic cause hot and cold spots in your home. You know how frustrating it can be for your living room to be uncomfortably warm while your bedroom is downright chilly. Keeping you & your family comfortable no matter which room they’re in is important to us.

Atlas Heating, Cooling & Electrical can evaluate your duct system to see if a simple repair is needed in your home, or if a duct replacement is the right way to go

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