January 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Louisiana Confederation Of Clubs And Independent Riders
4200 South MacArthur Dr.


On behalf of the Louisiana Confederation Of Club’s and Independent Riders (C.O.C.& I.) We are a Motorcycle Rights Organizations.

I would like to invite you to attend one of our meetings to see for yourselves what we are all about and join 400 + Bikers like yourself that attending our meetings.

We have Independent Riders, Mom-and-Pop Riding Clubs, Christian Clubs, Military Clubs, MC’s, Motorcycle Associations, Motorcycle Ministries and Motorcycle Rights Organizations that attend our meetings.

At every meeting we also have an Attorney present to ensure that our Right to Assemble and I’ll Right to Free Speech is Protected.

Our meetings are held at the old Baptist Church at 4200 South MacArthur Drive, Alexandria. La. Meetings are held the last Sunday of every other month. Our next meeting will be January 27, 2019.

Contrary to what many people believe the Confederation of Clubs and Independent Riders (C.O.C. & I) will never ask to see your Bylaws are your Rules we will NOT tell you how to run your Club.

The Confederation of Clubs is set in place to promote the Coming Together of Clubs and Independent Riders in the state of Louisiana.

Our aim is to Discourage Discrimination toward Motorcyclists.

Preserve “Basic Constitutional Rights” through educational seminars and public awareness.

Define the biker population as taxpaying citizens and members of the various communities throughout Louisiana.

Redefine and correct the inaccuracies portrayed by law enforcement and the media concerning bikers and motorcycle clubs.

Lobby Louisiana state and local political bodies for fair and equal representation under the law.

Use our power as voters to ensure that the biker population receives equal treatment under the law.

So if you are an Independent Rider or have a group you ride with we ask you to join our Cause.

For way too many years we have been led to believe that Sport Bikers and Harley Riders have nothing in common, that BMW or Goldwing Riders are different from us and that Street and Dirt Bike Riders don’t care about the other.

We are all riding the same roads, being harassed by police and car drivers, we need to unite and speak with one loud and clear Voice – We Demand Our Rights.

The mission of the Confederation of Clubs and Independent Riders is to Promote and Protect the Freedom & Safety Of All Motorcyclists to fight Discrimination toward Motorcyclists and
Increase Communications within the Motorcycle Communities. We mean to accomplish this through Education, Legislation, Judicial Activities and Political Process.

Respects to All
C.O.C. & I. of Louisiana
Walter “SWAMP” Derouen