Custom screens for your home or business.

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SunScreens will block excess heat from outside, reducing the workload on your air conditioner and driving down summer cooling costs. These screens are installed on the outside of your window.

They stop up to 95% of the suns hot rays which can save 30% on your energy bill.

SunScreens shield your home from heat, while still providing a glorious view of the outdoors. There’s no reason to block the view you’ve worked so hard for just to save on cooling costs.

These screens are beautiful as well. The right selection of colors can help improve the look of your home without damaging property values or violating any HOA requirements.


The sun’s rays carry a great deal of heat into your home. Typical methods to block this consist of curtains (which block out light and your view) and polarized glass. Unfortunately, both of these methods still allow heat to enter the home. Curtains trap heat between them and the window, while windows absorb some of the heat, allowing it to radiate back into your home.

This is where SunScreens are more effective. SunScreens rest outside of the window, trapping and reflecting the majority of outside heat on the other side of the window. Less heat makes it to the window, which means your HVAC system will have an easier time maintaining the temperature in your home.

Even though they block out a large amount of heat by reflecting light, they still allow light to pass into your home. The windows are shaded which dims the sun’s rays, but still leaves you with a view of the outdoors throughout the day.

Look! We have them on our office building!

A nice tan color screen to match the outside walls.

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SunScreens are manufactured to fit 99% of windows in your home or business. Whether the windows are fixed, bays, alcoves, or even circular windows, there is a screen (and color) to match you. Please note SunScreens cannot be installed on windows that have curvature on the glass, such as a sky light window.

There’s no need to worry about weathering either, as SunScreens are designed to resist weather and fading. The also work as an effective bug screen as well! They are truly a marriage of beauty and function.

Concerned with the shape of your windows? Don’t be! These are custom measured & built screens so we can do many shapes! Example below.